Blood Orange Jalapeno Margarita

Time for another cocktail!!  Recently there was a cocktail contest that had to incorporate some type of hot pepper.  I have never had a cocktail that had any type of hot pepper or heat in it, much less created one.  But I was definitely up for the challenge.  I came up with two recipes that I really liked.  This Blood Orange Jalapeno Margarita was the one I entered in the contest.   It isn’t overly spicy…just has a little kick of heat in the back of your throat.  So don’t let the jalapeno scare you off…definitely give this one a try!

Blood Orange Jalapeno Margarita

Blood Orange Jalapeno Margarita

2 slices blood orange, 1/2-inch thick each
1/4 jalapeno pepper, coarsely chopped
1 1/2 ounces tequila
1 ounce fresh squeezed lime juice
2 ounces chilled pomegranate juice
1 ounce agave

Garnish: jalapeno slice, seeds removed

In a shaker, muddle the blood orange slices and jalapeno pepper. Add in the tequila, lime juice, pomegranate juice and agave. Place the lid onto the shaker and shake to combine.

Place a few ice cubes into an old-fashioned glass. Place a small strainer over the glass (see note). Strain the margarita into the glass, garnish with a jalapeno slice.

Note: This second strainer is used to ensure catching the pulp from the oranges as well as the seeds from the jalapeno while straining the margarita from the shaker.

Makes 1 cocktail.


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